Read through our blog entries and you’ll find a few things you knew about, some you didn’t know and stories behind some of the products that will delight and surprise you.

Mother’s Day is almost here!

Give Mom a unique gift to celebrate the wonderful woman that she is. Huron Gifts is thrilled to create a gift bag filled with local amazing products. Mom would be so happy that you took the time to get her something special. It’s always good to make Mom happy!   Huron Gifts gift bag

Easter Sunday is April 1!

Let us create a wonderful gift for you to share at Easter. A Huron Gift bag will bring a warm smile and some amazing local products to each person receiving the unique gift. Giving gifts is just a feel good thing to do so let us help you share the joy this Easter.

Valentine Gift Bag

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Share the love with your special someone with a gift bag filled with goodies all made in Huron County. Contact us today and we will be pleased to create a gift as unique as they are!

Spring Has Sprung!

It’s springtime in beautiful Huron County. The birds are building their nests, local tourism offices are answering enquiries about what’s going on in Huron County and our farmers are preparing to get out on the land.

Huron County is blessed with so many wonderful foods and our producers take full advantage, whether it’s garlic, jams, bbq rubs or meat products. Of course, many of our producers have their ingredients available all year long. I’m thinking about lotions, soaps and candles. The good news is that they’re all available in a Huron Gift Bag!

We’re welcoming some new producers to our lineup this year so don’t be shy. A Huron Gift Bag makes a fabulous shower or baby gift, employee recognition gift or birthday gift. Mother’s Day is right around the corner and Father’s Day is hot on its heels so give us your list and we’ll make sure your Huron Gift Bags are the hit of the party!

Share the bounty of Huron County!

Huron Gifts gift bag 2

The Holidays are Sneaking Up On Us!

Yes, indeed, the holidays are coming! We’re all busily planning holiday dinners and staff events while making those shopping lists and checking them twice. Let Huron Gifts give you a hand. Give us your list and your budget and we promise you beautiful, unique gifts from Huron County.

Order early so that you’re not disappointed!

Call 519.200-3173 or email and let us brag about our local producers!

Six Things to Love About Huron County

Elliott Park Bayfield

Truly Beautiful Sunsets

Anywhere along the Lake Huron shoreline aka Ontario’s West Coast is the place to be as sunset draws near. Intense colours in the summer and gorgeous light bouncing off of a frozen, snowy lake in the winter. Photographers are drawn to the lake and it’s not uncommon to see almost daily social media posts of the beautiful sunsets or storms coming across the lake.

Open Space

Huron County is breathing fresh air and seeing for miles. Even in Huron County’s many small towns there is plenty of open space to walk dogs, bicycle or day trip and enjoy the sights as you go. It’s not uncommon for people to say that as they get closer to Huron County from a big city they notice their breathing changing and their muscles relaxing.

Inspired Food & Beverage Producers

Huron County is known affectionately as the Breadbasket of Ontario with its grain, beans, cattle, hogs and poultry but there is so much more. Wines and beers, makeup and soap, coffee and salad dressings, maple syrup and bbq sauces. The list of entrepreneurial producers is extensive and it’s all yummy! Award winning restaurants like Eddington’s of Exeter use local ingredients in their menu offerings extensively.

Nature Trails

From trails like Wingham Community Trail and the MacNaughton-Morrison Trail to conservation areas such as Falls Reserve and Bannockburn to the Goderich Waterfront Boardwalk, there are so many beautiful places to walk, cross-country ski, see wildlife or just relax and contemplate. Throughout the year there are many programs designed to connect people with nature such as ABCA’s Owl Prowl.

Terrific People

Huron County residents span the gamut from long-time farming families to entrepreneurs to former summer residents who decided to make Huron County home. Volunteers are the life-blood of so many activities and Huron County is blessed to have such a range of things available as a result of their efforts. Habitat for Humanity, various Chambers of Commerce, church groups, food banks, child and youth activities, book clubs and the list goes on.

Arts and Culture

There is never a shortage of things to do in Huron County year-round. Festivals like the Goderich Celtic Roots Festival and the Bach Music Festival; tours of the Huron County Museum and Historic Gaol; groups that feature shows and activities like the Cultural Collaborative and Art aRound Town; theatre at the Blyth Festival and Huron Country Playhouse; school-based music programs like the award-winning SHDHS Music Program often have concerts that are open to the public. There are also classes of every description for learning, upgrading or just plain fun.

Mother’s Day is like spring – right around the corner!

Mother's Day 960We’re pretty sure that spring is actually coming to Huron County this year. It’s just taking its time getting here. Then again, we got lucky with a winter that didn’t stay long enough to wear out its welcome.

Mothers, however, never wear out their welcome and never tire of seeing their children coming through the door. Hugs and kisses all around! When the children have taken the time to pick out a special gift for their Mother, it’s even more special. Huron County is blessed to have so much to offer and it allows us to shop near where we live. We can buy things our neighbours have been involved in making which means there’s a story to each gift and a lot of familiar names behind the product. Give Mom a treat this year by presenting her with a unique collection from Huron Gifts.

Easter is Hopping Up On Us!

It’ll be Easter before you know it. Pssssst: Easter Monday is March 28th … I know, early.

Do you really want to be that person who brings the same old, same old gift to Easter dinner? Why would you do that when you can share the bounty of Huron County? Hey, that rhymes, but all of the wonderful things produced in Huron County get along just like a rhyme to make you look your best, make your tummy happy, show off the beauty of our region and best of all, you get to make people say, “Hey! I had no idea that was made here!”

We’ve done gift bags for people closing on a new home, having a birthday, celebrating a retirement and even funerals, shower and wedding gifts. That special person who babysits your children, did an outstanding job at work, helped out in a time of need or just needs a pick-me-up will appreciate the uniqueness of gifts made right here in Huron County.

Call our office and discuss your budget and gift recipient with our staff. It feels so good to give an awesome gift and support Huron County producers at the same time.

Valentine’s Day

Pssssst! Guess what’s right around the corner. Valentine’s Day. If you’re tired of the same old box of candies that your love has to exercise off and flowers that die in a week, give Huron Gifts a call and we can set you up with a gift that will make your sweetie’s eyes sparkle!

Huron County producers make a lot of goodies like lotions, candles, artisan soaps and don’t forget the red and white wines. You tell us how much you want to spend and we’ll build a bag just for you! Bags start at $40 without wine and $55 with wine.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • If you want to include wine in your gift bag, you must place your order by February 5th – that’s the Friday before Super Bowl so place your order, then you can focus on the game
  • No wine in your gift bag? You can place your order by noon on Wednesday February 10th
  • Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year so you can pick your gift bag up at our office in Exeter between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Tuesday February 9th through Friday February 12th or on Saturday February 13th between 12:00 noon and 2:00 PM

Congratulations to Hayter’s Farm!

h1-logoOne of our valued producers, Hayter’s Farm, is to be awarded with the Meritorious Service Medal by the Dave Mousey Memorial Fund in honour of their community support.

The Dave Mousey Memorial Fund dedicates itself to providing life-saving defibrillators to public buildings in memory of Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS and members of the Military who have died in the line of duty. Hayter’s Farm has supported various events put on my the Fund to raise money for the defibrillators.

Congratulations to the owners and staff at Hayter’s Farms!

New Gift Bag Options!

We’ve added a few new themed gift bag options to our line just to wet your whistle! Of course, you always get to help us build that special gift by giving us your budget. Knowing if the gift is for a man or woman helps as well.

We just have so much darn fun sharing the bounty of Huron County with everyone! It’s especially fun when people say … and they always do say … “I didn’t know this was made here!”

Agri-Innovation Award for Excellence

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 3.04.40 PMHuron Gifts is so very pleased to congratulate Jackie Rowe and the staff at The Garlic Box on their receipt of the Agri-Innovation Award for Excellence! As a valued supplier to our company and a renowned innovator in Huron County, The Garlic Box is the very definition of entrepreneur. Never content to rest on their laurels, they continue to experiment and develop new product constantly. Well done Team Garlic Box!

mmmmm Maple Syrup!

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 4.16.23 PMWe are proud to announce that we have added Robinson’s Maple Products to our gift offerings. I had no idea so many yummy things could be made from maple syrup but now I know and you can, too!

Huron County “Nights”


We are thrilled to add original Huron County music to our available gift options. Bayfield artist Josh Geddis has released his second CD and we’ve got it! Josh’s music has been described as acoustic folk, but not too folky, with a rock attitude.

If you have the chance to see Josh perform live, you’ll see plenty of personality and that personality definitely translates in his music. We have limited quantities, so make sure to request the inclusion of this CD in your special gift!

Friday Night Turkey Burger

When I first moved to Huron County my family established a few new habits based on the products and services available to us.
One of the stores we discovered early on was Hayter’s Turkey in Dashwood and our Friday night turkey burger habit began.
Our favourite is the Onion and Parsley but they come in a couple of other varieties or just get the ground turkey and make your own.
We are thrilled that Hayter’s produces Turkey Pepperoni Premium Bites that we can include in our gift bags. If you like to carry a nibble in your purse or on a hike, these Bites will fit the bill!

Luvu Naturally

If you’re like me, this winter has been a killer on my lip balm budget! I use lip balm all year ‘round and I’ve tried lots of different kinds. My new favourite, as it turns out, is made right here in Huron County. Luvu Naturally is on Main Street in Exeter and you can shop from their website as well. I feel good wearing products from this store – they aren’t tested on animals and they are made with 100% natural ingredients. If you’re vegan or have Celiac disease you’re going to love these products, too! My favourite flavor? Well, all of them, but right now Cherry Berry is in my purse and French Vanilla is on my desk.

Huron Royalty

It all began with Rosemary back in 1968. Sounds like the beginning of a love story to me and it is. Rosemary is the name of the Queen Bee of Ferguson Apiaries just outside of Dashwood and if there was such a thing as a King Bee, he would be Bill. Together they carried on the already existing business of a local apiary and their daughter, Sherri, has come on board to help run the store. We’re proud to have several of Ferguson Apiaries’ products available for our gift bags. Keep your eye on the blog and we’ll tell you about them all … and maybe some good bee stories, too!

The Whole Pig

If you have tickets to the Medieval Feast you will surely not miss the pig! A whole pig, apple in its mouth and all, is being roasted to feed the hungry medieval troops. Supplied by The Whole Pig who, incidentally, is one of the producers who supplies product for our gift bags, I can guarantee you that if you’re a fan of pork – and who isn’t – you will love this local pig so much that you will visit their website for recipes and to have a look at all of the great products they have.

Music Festival Feast II

Are you going to the Bach Music Festival of Canada Medieval Feast this weekend? It promises to be quite a show! Interactive happenings, a whole pig roasted on a spit and silent auction are the main attractions but did you know that period costumes are encouraged? Of course, because it’s the Bach Festival there will be plenty of entertainment! If you amble over to the silent auction, check out the gift bag we donated and jot down your bid. Let us know if you win!

Welcome to Huron Gifts!

Welcome to Huron Gifts! One of the fundamentals of Huron Gifts is the ability we have to support the wonderful charitable organizations within our county. We will do this through making a contribution from the purchase of each and every gift bag to one of three charities. 5% of the proceeds from each purchase will be donated. The best part: as the purchaser, you get to pick which one touches your heart! Our first blog entry will acknowledge the three charities that we have chosen to start off with.

Habitat for Humanity Huron County is the local branch of the international organization that seeks to eliminate poverty housing one family at a time.

The Alzheimer Society Huron County supports people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. They run a number of programs so we’ve elected to support their iPods for Memories Program. Providing individuals with personalized playlists has been found to stimulate memories, engage the listener, modify behaviours such as restlessness and agitation and has even provoked spontaneous dance parties!

The Huron County OSPCA is the local branch of the Ontario SPCA, an animal welfare organization providing care and shelter for animals.

It’s a triple win for the purchaser, recipient and charities!