About Us

Huron Gifts was designed to support Huron County’s local producers and we think you’ll be as surprised as we were to discover the range of products that are available.

There are lots of lovely gift bags and baskets out there at all price points and containing just about everything you could imagine. We’ve all received them and they’re such a treat. Imagine receiving a gift bag filled only with products created and produced at home. Products you feel a connection with. You may have gone to school with the producer, watched the ingredients grow out in the field on your drive to work or if you’ve moved out of Huron County you might just want to close your eyes and feel like you’re home again for a moment. The tastes, feel and sights of Huron County fill every bag!

We created Huron Gifts so that each item you unwrap gives you that connection or perhaps makes you say “I didn’t know this came out of Huron County!” We have a remarkable array of items available to us through the producers in what is fondly referred to as Ontario’s West Coast. Read through our blog entries and you’ll find a few things you knew about, some you didn’t know and stories behind some of the products that will delight and surprise you.

Huron Gifts
Wants to Accomplish
3 Things

Expose our customers to
the wonderful products
of Huron County

Increase awareness of
the various producers
in Huron County

Give back to
Huron County charities
with the purchase of
every gift bag


The first two goals are pretty self-explanatory.
The last goal made need some explaining.

There are many superb charitable organizations within Huron County and we want to make sure to acknowledge their hard work through the success that of our business. With every bag purchased a contribution will be made to one of three charities. The choices are available through the checkout process so pick the one that is closest to your heart.

Habitat for Humanity 
Huron County

Huron County

The Alzheimer Society 
Huron County’s
iPods for Memories Program