Easter is Hopping Up On Us!

It’ll be Easter before you know it. Pssssst: Easter Monday is March 28th … I know, early.

Do you really want to be that person who brings the same old, same old gift to Easter dinner? Why would you do that when you can share the bounty of Huron County? Hey, that rhymes, but all of the wonderful things produced in Huron County get along just like a rhyme to make you look your best, make your tummy happy, show off the beauty of our region and best of all, you get to make people say, “Hey! I had no idea that was made here!”

We’ve done gift bags for people closing on a new home, having a birthday, celebrating a retirement and even funerals, shower and wedding gifts. That special person who babysits your children, did an outstanding job at work, helped out in a time of need or just needs a pick-me-up will appreciate the uniqueness of gifts made right here in Huron County.

Call our office and discuss your budget and gift recipient with our staff. It feels so good to give an awesome gift and support Huron County producers at the same time.